etnia eyewear

Colour makes Etnia what it is. Colour is its reason for being, and we understand colour as a way to see the world, an attitude towards life. Etnia brings colour to a dark grey world of fashion. Colour is light, it is optimism, it is personality, it is creativity, it is the difference. Etnia is a brand that challenges establishment, its an ‘anti-system’ brand.

In the same way that jeans challenged formal fashion, that the casual shoe challenged the formal shoe, that the trainer challenged the casual shoe, that Apple challenged IBM, that Ikea challenged Vitra. Etnia challenges dark glasses - it challenges the classic and the normal. Etnia couldn’t be further from your standard dark glasses, and is so much more than everyday colorful ones. Etnia expresses itself through its art and its artists because it understands that art is the purest, most elevated form of expression. It is the most profound and the most personal of mans creations. Etnia understands life as a work of art. Etnia is fashion. Etnia sees the most essential part of human identity as: the look. Etnia understands fashion to be our ultimate expression of personality. “Impersonality kills”. Etnia is more style than tendency. Etnia is maximum quality, the latest technology. It is the definition of artisan. It is the search of singularity, the unique, it is the research, the craft. Etnia can only be seen from one point of view, and this point of view sees Etnia as luxury: it is a primal luxury, an original luxury, it is its own unique entity. Etnia is Barcelona. We insist: it is Barcelona, not from Barcelona. For Etnia, Barcelona isn’t just a place, it’s a character, a way of being. It is cosmopolitan, mediterranean, universal and independent.

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