All our spectacle lenses are provided by Essilor, for appearance, comfort, vision and safety.

Spectacle lenses

Everyone’s eyes are different. That’s why our lenses for glasses are tailored to your individual needs, and not just your prescription. At Askew Eyewear in N16 we’ll ask about your lifestyle as well as testing your eyes and help you find the very best solution for your prescription lenses.

Our lenses are supplied exclusively by Essilor. We can provide different sorts of lenses according to your prescription and your lifestyle. Options include anti-reflective coatings, anti-fog coatings, Transitions®  lenses that darken in the light, and polarised sunglasses lenses to reduce glare.

Essilor lenses
All our spectacle lenses are made by Essilor, the world's best lens maker.

Contact lenses

Askew Eyewear in Stoke Newington provides rigid gas-permeable and soft contact lenses to suit your prescription and lifestyle.

We provide a contact lens consultation service following a regular eye test to see what sort of lenses will suit you. As well as your prescription, we can offer cosmetic enhancements such as different colours to express your individualism.

Our lenses are supplied by a variety of the world's best brands including Bausch & Lomb, Alcon, Johnson & Johnson and Coopervision.

Coloured contact lenses Hackney
We can provide different coloured lenses to express your personality